Virtual Operations Consulting

COVID-19 has forced many companies to rapidly adjust to the world of virtual workplaces. The structure and operations of virtual teams is very different than the traditional office workplace. Communicating, onboarding, and motivating employees who work virtually presents unique challenges for many organizations. I have 20 years of experience working in the online world and 10 years of experience leading virtual teams. What can I help you with?

Excel Data Setup & Analysis

Do you need Excel functions written or cleaned up? Do you have data that needs to be analyzed? Is your data spread across multiple spreadsheets and you need someone to pull it altogether into a more usable system? I’m adept with both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. I can rework your sheets or just clean them up. I can create new systems for you, and I can adjust your sheet data so it’s set to import into ZenDesk Sell or whatever other software system you’re using. How can I help you?

Internal Communications Analysis

The Internal Communications network of your organization is its nervous system.  Clear and efficient communication is necessary at every level for an optimized organization, but identifying breakdowns is only the first step. I’ll gather data from your organization to identify both the areas where your employees excel and areas that need improvement. Then I’ll present a detailed analysis outlining your path to a clear, effective network of communication. How can I help you today?

Employee Satisfaction Analysis

Employee turnover rates affect your bottom line through training costs, efficiency costs, and customer satisfaction. Do you want to discover the factors that are affecting your employee satisfaction? I was honored to earn a 71 net promotor score after years of learning from my own experiences! I’ll dive in to discover what your organization can do to decrease your turnover costs and increase your employee satisfaction. Can I help you discover how to retain your best and brightest talent?