“I didn’t know that could be done on the Internet.”

That’s what I first heard years ago when people discovered the services I was offering. The Internet was much younger back then and very few people were selling anything online, let alone custom services.  I usually shrugged and said something like, “Well, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t, so I just taught myself HTML, built a website, and did it.” And I started learning about how to communicate clearly to clients over the Internet.

In 2010, I shifted to another online career. I was soon leading virtual teams, and I worked my way up to senior management to a position that constantly gave me opportunities to innovate. I’ve learned how to grow, engage, lead, and motivate teams of workers who have never met each other in person. I’ve developed training methods, organizational systems, and processes to double and sometimes quadruple the efficiency of projects. I’m humbled to have earned the praise of clients, coworkers, and those I managed. 

Along the way, I got certified in Excel Advanced (and fell in love with pivot tables and nested formulas), finished my bachelor’s in Business Management, learned how to create complex systems with Google Sheets, and grew adept at quickly analyzing how hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of details needed to fit together in order to achieve the client’s goals.

I’m a problem-solver at heart, always looking for the next process that can be made more efficient, the next challenge that needs a solution, and the next creative idea that will make an employee’s job easier (and the client’s results better at the same time).  

What can I help you with?

– Katie Peters

   43 Nineteen Solutions, LLC

Experience includes:

Internal Communications

  • Training guides, videos, etc. used to train editors virtually
  • Online communication including email, video presentations, chat, and live webmeetings

People Management

  • Projecting and planning staffing needs
  • Creating and managing onboarding processes
  • Reducing staff turnover by 80%
  • Increased staff NPS to 71


  • Scaled operations through 200% growth in a single season
  • Managed 700% division growth over 8 years
  • Spearheaded collaboration of my team’s operations with client operations and computer systems

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office suite including Excel (advanced skills), Word, Powerpoint
  • OpenOffice Calc suite
  • Google Docs suite including Sheets (advanced skills), Docs, Forms, Slides
  • ZenDesk Support & Sell
  • Client Proprietary Software
  • Editing: Grammar, Copy, Content